Mic Check.. Anyone out there?

So I'm going to try this whole blogging thing again. In case you haven't notice... I tend to fail miserably at it. Okay. Ta Ta for Now.


Loela's 3rd Birthday Party

Our big girl turned 3!! I can't believe it.  Since Loela now understands the concepts of Birthday's & Birthday Parties, Joe & I decided to have her - her 1st real party. Her actual Birthday is Christmas Day so we opted to have her party in early December.

With Owls as her theme, her party was sure to be a Hoot !! I hope you enjoy all the little details as I think her Birthday party turned out better than I had even hoped for.

Her invitations made by Etsy Seller - PaperClever

 I found this idea on Pinterest.  I had 8 guest tables which I decided to use Mason Jars & since her color scheme was Pink & Brown I used Strawberry & Chocolate Whoppers inside the Mason Jars with the Number 3 inside and Balloons tied at the top.

 Her Birthday Banner was made by Etsy Seller -  Wrap It Up LLC

Her gift table had an Iron Owl on each side with Balloons tied to them, and also held her guests Goody Bags.  Gift tags were made by Etsy Seller - 10 Candles

Cupcake Toppers were made by the same Etsy Seller - 10 Candles 
Cupcakes were purchased from Sam's Club - I believe I paid 13.00 for 30 Cupcakes! 2 Flavors & up to 3 different buttercream colors.

Loela's Cake Table - I have to Thank my mom for making the table runners ! I chose the fabric & she sewed them up for me the night before !!

Birthday cake was made by a local bakery.  It was so good they made a smaller version for her actual Birthday (Christmas Day)

Owl Pinata purchased from BuyCostumes.com

Finally the Birthday Girl.  She had such a wonderful time & so Grateful for all her guests that came to her party!

I have a few more items but I feel as though I may be boring you.  Anywho if you have any questions, feel free to comment me!

Big Thank You to the Etsy Sellers that were more than willing to accommodate me, some on short notice & some that we went back & forth on just trying to get the details right!


Gym Ettiquette

Hello Boys & Girls! It's been a while.  As you can see I had a hard time keeping up with my 365 blog.  It's not that I didn't take the pictures...Because believe me I did.  I just had a hard time keeping up with posting them.  To make matters worse, when trying to catch up on my blog I discovered that I had DELETED about 8 days of pictures from my camera !! Boooo !! I must have deleted them in camera thinking I had already uploaded them.  That was no bueno.

Anywho I'm going to try to pick it back up in hopes of being able to venture out a little more now that the weather has started to warm up.  I know... In a few weeks I'll be saying I'm slacking because it's too hot outside.  Ufff I hate the heat.  I really do.

Now on to the reason for my little rant here.  People and the Gym.  When people walk into the gym and scan their little card does all their common sense go out the window?

Let me give a few examples:

1.  Sweaty Man/Woman.  Please.Please.Please.  Wipe down your machine when your done with it.  See those little towels and bottles of cleaner?  They are provided to us for a reason.  I know you don't want to touch my bodily fluids and I don't want to touch yours either.  ACK !  So gross.  Don't give me the reason you don't do it because there are people there that are hired to do it.  That's just disgusting and your foul.  Oh and I will talk about you... even blog about you. 

2.  The people that come in and act like the own the place and change the channel on the tv.  Ughhhh excuse me? I was watching that.  Depending on my mood I have been known to say "Hey I was watching that" from the back of the room. 

Here's what you do if you'd like to view something else:
Point up at the tv and say anyone watching this?  At that point if you get a "No" Carry on and change the tv.

3.  Raggedy ass kids in the daycare.  I usually do an hour of cardio then go check on Loela to make sure she isn't acting crazy or giving Ms. Leann too much trouble.  I'll be gosh darn if the other day I peeked in the window to see some little mexican boy take the toy she had in HER hands away from her! Ohhh my nose flaired.  Do y'all remember " The Hand that Rocks the Cradle" when Rebecca DeMornay (sp) goes to the playground bully and pretty much says " I'm going to F you up" to him.  ha ha that's what ran through my mind.  The teacher caught it and Lo got her toy back.  Crazy kids. 

I guess that will do todays post on Gym Etiquette.   Remember my words because if I'm not talking about you, someone else will. 

{ Christina }



My Brita Water Pitcher, Digital Scale & Water Bottle.  Down 20 Lbs and going for more !

{ Christina }



That's MY Cabbage Patch Kid she's playing with!.  Ufff she's so greedy next time I might just take it from her and yell "MINE ".  Yeah that's how I roll :)

He he see the wipie? She's cleaning her poo poo. Not to mention the Hello Kitty rain boots Mogo bought for her.  She loves them and will wear them ANYWHERE if I let her.  Silly Girl.

{ Christina }



Well lookie here I finally managed to get out of the house and take a picture of something outside!

{ Christina }



He knows I don't laugh at him, but with him.

{ Christina }



So after reading and reading, I finally had an Ah Ha moment and things started to click with exposure.  I think I kind of got it here, but of course it's still a work in progress!

Well maybe not, I did a little PP but my Cupcake looks a little darker now then the unedited version? 



That's how she rolls.  One arm out while eating a cheese stick.

{ Christina }



These are 3 of the 6 Pom Poms I made for Lo's playroom.  I did pretty good if I do say so myself!

{ Christina }



My picture for this day is on my phone.  I'm too lazy to get up, plug it in to charge and get said picture.

I suck. I know. 

{ Christina }



Poor Cat.  I hope it can breathe! He he.

{ Christina }



Uhm can someone please tell me why I had the need to have my ISO at 6400?  Yikes !!  Anyways I've been a bad blogger, a very bad blogger.  I'm doing ok with taking a picture everyday but I need to make the time to post them every evening.

My mom drew this with Loela one day while we were at her house.  Loela loves her Mogo!

{ Christina }



I know this picture has major No-No's in it.... Like the laundry basket coming out of Loela's head but we had been at my mommas got home late and this was the only semi-decent shot.  I'm working on learning the Clone feature, but after aggravation on trying to get the basket out I said forget it.  I also see that I had my ISO too high which led to the picture being extremely grainy.
As always I'm open to CC.

{ Christina }



Bath time done, waiting for Dada to comb her hair.

{ Christina }