Gym Ettiquette

Hello Boys & Girls! It's been a while.  As you can see I had a hard time keeping up with my 365 blog.  It's not that I didn't take the pictures...Because believe me I did.  I just had a hard time keeping up with posting them.  To make matters worse, when trying to catch up on my blog I discovered that I had DELETED about 8 days of pictures from my camera !! Boooo !! I must have deleted them in camera thinking I had already uploaded them.  That was no bueno.

Anywho I'm going to try to pick it back up in hopes of being able to venture out a little more now that the weather has started to warm up.  I know... In a few weeks I'll be saying I'm slacking because it's too hot outside.  Ufff I hate the heat.  I really do.

Now on to the reason for my little rant here.  People and the Gym.  When people walk into the gym and scan their little card does all their common sense go out the window?

Let me give a few examples:

1.  Sweaty Man/Woman.  Please.Please.Please.  Wipe down your machine when your done with it.  See those little towels and bottles of cleaner?  They are provided to us for a reason.  I know you don't want to touch my bodily fluids and I don't want to touch yours either.  ACK !  So gross.  Don't give me the reason you don't do it because there are people there that are hired to do it.  That's just disgusting and your foul.  Oh and I will talk about you... even blog about you. 

2.  The people that come in and act like the own the place and change the channel on the tv.  Ughhhh excuse me? I was watching that.  Depending on my mood I have been known to say "Hey I was watching that" from the back of the room. 

Here's what you do if you'd like to view something else:
Point up at the tv and say anyone watching this?  At that point if you get a "No" Carry on and change the tv.

3.  Raggedy ass kids in the daycare.  I usually do an hour of cardio then go check on Loela to make sure she isn't acting crazy or giving Ms. Leann too much trouble.  I'll be gosh darn if the other day I peeked in the window to see some little mexican boy take the toy she had in HER hands away from her! Ohhh my nose flaired.  Do y'all remember " The Hand that Rocks the Cradle" when Rebecca DeMornay (sp) goes to the playground bully and pretty much says " I'm going to F you up" to him.  ha ha that's what ran through my mind.  The teacher caught it and Lo got her toy back.  Crazy kids. 

I guess that will do todays post on Gym Etiquette.   Remember my words because if I'm not talking about you, someone else will. 

{ Christina }


graciepie said...

ratty kids hahaha.

Elisa B said...

I love this post. Love.

Now, don't you dare talk about me. And if you do, I wanna know what you said. ;)

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