So it's kinda scary how much Loela is like me.  Right down to all these damn stickers.  They are EVERYWHERE.  I was watching tv earlier and I felt her touching my feet I just kinda figured ahhh Whatevs..... I looked at my feet and she had plastered stickers ALL.OVER.MY.TOES. 

When I was a kid I loved stickers.  I mean the Scratch N' Sniff Stickers, Those ha ha I was going to type Anne Frank - Dork O'Rama... the other Frank chick... or Anne.. I can't remember someone help me out she had a bunch of unicorns and stuff.  

Anyway I'm rambling so here is today's shot.

{ Christina }


Graciepie said...

I miss scratch and sniff. Mom always put them on the notes in my lunch box!

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