Oh my word.  What a day.  I'll keep it short because I'm trying to watch the Craigslist Killer.  It's hard juggling 3 shows at once.  Thank God for DVR. 

I also managed to pack up some of Lo's clothes.  Yikes I'm totally saving everything of hers.  I sure am glad whoever invented Space Bags invented them. 

Agh forget it.  I had some stuff to type but this movie is calling me!

One of this weeks themes for SHS is a self-portrait.  So today I thought as I was looking at my pretty little tree... Perfect ! Loela is always looking at herself oohing and awing so I thought what the heck.

Here we have it.  My Self-Portrait.  What am I going to do Friday when the tree comes down.  It makes me so happy to come in the living room first thing in the morning at turn on my Christmas Tree * insert sad face here *

{ Christina }


Carrie Ann said...

that's a really good picture. I know what you mean about being sad the tree is coming down, I took ours down this past weekend and I already miss it! But it did try to stick around by leaving a bazillion needles everywhere lol!

Graciepie said...

i heart your tree

Christina Martinez said...

Thanks Girls!

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