Well I didn't exactly hit the grown running with my pictures today.  Joe, Loela and I pretty much laid around all day today, with the exception of getting out to Chili's to stuff our faces then Walmart to try and walk it off. 

Anywho I took like 2 pictures last night.  The one I post is being one of them.  I decided to whip out my camera again to see if I could get anything interesting...... Not so much.
So here is my 1st out of 365.  

Also if your ever at Walmart and your in the Alcohol section there is a display tree with ready to freeze Margaritas & Daiquiris.  You freeze the little pouches and a few hours later you have these ready made drinks.  Yum! (Talk about a cheap date) They were good though!

Best 1.97 we ever spent! (8.00 for 4 w/tax)

{ Christina }


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