So Long 2010 !!

Oh boy 2010 ! What a year you were.  You were a good year to Our Family!  2010 had many ups, many downs.  We lost family members, friends as well as gained some new ones along the way.  

Our biggest adventure was relocating from Corpus Christi to Corsicana.  Hearing Joe say this is the best thing we could have done for our family is heart warming.  I didn't think we'd ever get out of Corpus and we did.  All the prayers were finally answered.  

I don't want to say I plan on having any New Years Resolution because well let's be honest.  How many of us really keep them?

This year I plan on doing my Photo 365.  What is it? You ask - Basically I will take a picture a day every day in 2011.  It could be of something interesting or it could be something off the wall.  My main reason is to help me better my photography. 

I've been working on Loela's playroom because that child has way too many toys and I can't bare to part with them :( So I'm slowly transforming the spare bedroom into her playroom.  I really need to quite procrastinating.  That's what it boils down to.

Thank y'all for reading, May we all have a Happy & Healthy God filled 2011.  Remember to pray.  Prayers are answered.

With that Happy New Year and we shall see what 2011 brings us.  (a Job maybe?...... he he ) It can only be good things.

You can be an echo of your past, or the glory of your future.

{ Christina }


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